Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are showing support and standing by Ed Sheeran following the lawsuit which claims that the song, ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ is copied. The pair, who also co-wrote the song along with Ed, state that all the legal actions were done in order to ensure that there will be no conflict in the end.

The lawsuit claims that the song which is written by the singers is a copy of an Australian hit song, ‘When I Found You’ which was written by Jasmine Rae. However, according to TMZ, Faith, and Tim state that “they lawfully licensed their song, “The Rest of Our Life” … which would mean there’s zero issue with them performing it.” They also denied that the song is a “note for note” duplication of “When I Found You”.

Ed has already denied in the past that the song is a copy. However, he admitted that he never took the permission of Sean Carey and Beau Golden, whose melody is showcased in the 2014 song, ‘When I Found You’ because it is an “originally and independently created musical composition.”

Ed added that he found the lawsuit to be baseless and wanted the judge to back him on this. While Tim and Faith might be commenting on the lawsuit, they happen to make a particular statement in the documents that have been filed with them which talks about the writer being held at fault for any of the damages.

They state that they are just singers who are singing the lyrics that have been given to them and taking that into consideration, they should not be held at fault. This is not the first time that Ed has landed himself in a lawsuit which states that he has copied the song from another. Previously, he was sued by a co-writer of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.

The singer claimed that Ed’s hit song, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ was a carbon copy. However, the suit was eventually dismissed and there was no financial damage caused to Ed. The verdict was this lawsuit is yet to be made and it is unclear on when the court will reach a verdict.


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