Jovan Rosario is an artist who is well-known for his celebrity fashion illustrations and recreating fashion visuals. His Instagram account, which goes by the moniker ponyy_boyy, has over 300k fans and followers who stay tuned to his exquisite work.

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When it comes to what inspires him, he shares that his emotions play a huge role and a lot of his illustrations are results of feelings within himself.

It is these emotions which translate into new ideas. “It may seem strange to say, but it’s how I describe the feeling of being inspired and using that inspiration for my sketches.”

“I’m not sure if every artist needs an inspiration. I can only speak for myself and say that my best work comes from heartfelt inspiration,” he added.

He spoke about how his mind was constantly full of ideas but like one half of the human population, he prefers to work at night as he feels his creativity peaks at that time.

In an industry which is so demanding and constantly requires creatives to create, he feels as though it is absolutely essential to stay true to yourself and this is probably the best advice that one can get.

“The best advice anyone can receive is to remain true to who you are. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you think you need to do and who you need to be in order to have success, but the real success lies in your honesty and remaining true in an industry that tries to change you.”

All artists and creatives go through a phase where they question their work and its value and Rosario was no different.

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He too went through his phase of self-doubt.

“I would downplay my art because I didn’t think it was worthy of the praise I would receive; but I have decided to just embrace it and erase any and all self-doubt I had. I am so happy to finally grasp the value in my artwork. Every artist has his/her own technique and style, and I strongly believe my followers know mine.”

“Every new day you’re given, you have the opportunity to better yourself, challenge yourself, and believe in yourself,” he added.

Seeing and understanding the value of your work/art does not mean that you allow your success to stand in your way and the focus of it all should be on the art.

“I have to say that I never wanted to be ‘famous’ or ‘Insta famous’ I just wanted to share my art. I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me because of my art. But for me, ultimately, it will always be about the art, because art is what I love. The minute it becomes only about money and fame, you are no longer doing what you love,” he continued.

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Since he is someone who uses Instagram as a means of showcasing his work, he feels that social media is extremely important and is one of the biggest platforms to connect with people. He feels that if social media is used the right way and for the right purpose, it will benefit future generations to come.

Being on social media also has its flaws such as people who go out of their way to write or comment something mean and it often comes from those who want attention.

“Unfortunately, negative comments are intended to be more destructive than constructive and I try to take it all with a grain of salt.”

“Every experience we go through, whether good or bad, we will benefit from. Every experience is meant to shape us for the better. My job is to take that lesson and grow from it,” he signs off.


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