Netflix’s highly successful sci-fi fiction series ‘Lost in Space’ is all set to make a comeback for its second season. The show became a favorite as soon as it hit the streaming platform and Netflix probably couldn’t resist a reboot. The show begins 30 years into the future where the Robinson family finds themselves in strange times surrounded by alien invaders. They must fight their way to save themselves and keep their family together.

The show is based on the 1960s sci-fi series of the same name. The original series featured Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Bob May (Robot), Jonathan Harris, June Lockhart, Guy Williams and Billy Mumy. The new counterpart stars Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall, Taylor Russell, Ignacio Serricchio, and Parker Posey.


‘Lost in Space’ is a very family friendly watch and according to showrunner Zack Estrin, that was the whole point. In an earlier interview, Estrin had said, “There aren’t a lot of families shows that everybody can watch for themselves. There are very few things that adults and kids can enjoy together. I’ve shown this to my father, who’s 70, and my daughters, who are 11 and 14, and they all fell in love with it for different reasons.” Everyone else did too, clearly.

The show has gotten good reviews from fans and critics alike and has scored 68% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season, that has 10 episodes, is available on Netflix if you’d like to catch up before the second season drops. The original series though ran for three seasons from 1965 to 1968 and had 83 episodes.

Though the release date for the new reboot is still unannounced, Netflix made the announcement via a Twitter video in true ‘Lost in Space’ style — a sky of pink astronomical bodies creating a bright pink ‘2’ to imply the reboot.


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