Microsoft has launched Microsoft News, the new name for the company’s news platform. Microsoft is no stranger to the news business, having launched MSN all the way back in 1995. Which by Internet standards is a long time. And yet MSN is still going strong.

The Evolution of Microsoft News

Microsoft News is set to power, news in Microsoft’s Edge browser, the News app for Windows 10, Skype, Xbox, and, and the new Microsoft News app for Android and iOS. Which between them reach almost 500 million people worldwide.

In a post on the Windows Blog, Rob Bennett, the Editor in Chief of Microsoft News, explains how Microsoft uses a combination of “publishing partnerships, human editors, and AI” to curate the news, and deliver the stories that matter.

Microsoft works with “more than a thousand premium publishers and more than 3,000 brands”. These partners provide the content, which is then scanned by AI to determine suitability. A team of 800 human editors then have the final say on what gets posted.

The newly redesigned Microsoft News app for Android and iOS is available right now. The app has had a visual overhaul to make it look and feel more modern. The UI is also much improved, with continuous reading and a dark theme to use at night.

You can customize the Microsoft News app to deliver news that interests you, including local news stories. You can set up breaking news alerts, and there’s even support for widgets. You can also keep your interests across different devices.

Download: Microsoft News on Android and iOS

Stay Informed Throughout the Day

You’ve probably already got one of these news apps on your phone, unless you’re one of those people who just doesn’t care about what’s going on in the world. Still, with the improvements the company has made, Microsoft News is worth checking out.



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