Not everyone is endowed with the gift of a healthy, well-functioning body that works every day till we breathe, to make us thrive and achieve our greatest until the last day of our life.

Like Ekaterina Yulia Borodulkina aka Kate, who suffers from a rare genetic condition called muscular dystrophy since the time she was three months old.

For the unintended, the disease causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle strength as time lapses. This condition usually commences in early childhood and is characterized by poor balance, progressive inability to walk, and respiratory difficulties in some instances, among others.

By the time Kate was diagnosed at the age of four, she had lost her ability to walk, lift her arms or even hold up her head straight, leaving her bedridden for life.

Notwithstanding the permanent presence of her bed-confining condition, instead of letting the limitations control her, the now 10-year-old from Moscow, Russia decided to channel all the energy on what she loved doing most—painting.

Kate had started drawing when she was only two years old, using pencils while sitting in her high chair. The artistry sprang out the instant pencils and colors spilled through her deft handwork. Her impressive skills had her parents convinced who got her enrolled in a children’s art school the next year, thus paving the way for greatness to come her way.

Watch how she art to life:

Art changed her life…

Life indeed is a struggle for Kate, but together with her parents and sister, the little girl is making every moment count and trying to live as normally as possible…

…And art became her Joie de vivre through the gloom and pain, she endured every day.

Can you believe this?

We can’t even.

We are stunned into silence seeing at the magic this prodigious girl procures on paper.

Kate uses an automatic wheelchair to move since she could not walk on her own. She undergoes regular therapy sessions to help her better manage the condition.

According to reports from Europe Press, her mother “has requested through her Facebook page ‘Kate Artist’ to provide help in the form of donations so that Kate can get a special treatment and a corset that she needs to be able to stand upright and sit in her electric wheelchair.”

Till date, Kate has produced numerous paintings in her name over the period of some time that continue rake in awe and respect in equal measure.

Although, the genetic condition is deemed as incurable for now, research and biomedical developments give hope to many others like Kate that maybe, someday, the future will be free of the life-altering disease.

For now, Kate’s tenacity to create the splendid art makes her a remarkable little girl who is inspiring others to never fall down and continue to thrive, despite the problems that may strike.


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