Speaking of Huawei’s P series mobile phones, it has always been a fashion leader in the smart phone camp. The P9 series of red and blue CPs, and the P10 series of green grass can be said to raise the value of smartphones to new heights.

The Huawei P20 again surprised us with its AI chip and Leica dual camera, as well as new technology and beautiful color matching. Among them, the technology and fashion industry was stunned by the Aurora color version. Huawei P20 has shown us the charm of art and fashion with strength.

The luxuriousness brought by 2.5D glass, as well as the mysterious and cool application of the aurora color, is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the Huawei P20 process upgrade.

The HUAWEI P20 series uses a glass material as the mobile phone body, which can best sense the light, maximize the mysterious and unknown spectrum color sense of rhythm, and succeed in bringing this popular color into the popular life through the mobile phone carrier, and for its perfect opportunity. Named Aurora!

Let’s take a look at the back layout. The top of the back is a vertical Leica dual camera. The Huawei P20 has a 1.55um large pixel size 12 million color lens (f/1.8), and the other is a 20 million pixel black and white lens (f/1. 6) Low-light shooting is still clear. Below the camera is a laser focus module and dual color temperature LED fill light. It can be seen that the metal ring on the edge of the camera module also adopts the same gradient aurora color as the back shell, which is extremely exquisite.

The reason why Huawei P20 is amazing is not only because of its cool back, but also its positive appearance. Huawei P20 uses a popular full-screen design, bangs area is smaller than the iPhone X, with a resolution of 2240×1080 ultra clear 5.8-inch display, the actual experience of whether the brightness, color, or delicate degree, have reached the flagship level . In particular, it is worth mentioning that Huawei P20 also has a variety of gradient themes and wallpapers , echoing the back of the body’s aurora.

The fringe area at the top of the screen integrates a 24 megapixel front camera with a round handset and sensor module. At the bottom of the screen is a fingerprint recognition module with integrated navigation keys. The front of the fuselage did not design LOGO is very simple.

The frame in the body is made of stainless steel and the surface is treated with high gloss and is extremely rounded. The use of stainless steel from the handle and use it also increases the overall texture and reliable properties. Not only is it resistant to falling, but people can feel the sense of luxury of the phone as soon as they get it.

Two nano SIM cards can be installed in the slot on the left side of the fuselage, the volume keys, power button on the right side of the fuselage, the module and the middle frame using the same surface treatment process, and the middle frame fit is enough High, you can see, the recessed area in the center of the power button is designed in red, emphasizing the camera properties, details of processing, showing the texture of the flagship should have.

The top of the fuselage is designed with noise reduction mic, the bottom of the fuselage is mainly mic, Type-C USB interface and speaker holes, mic hole and speaker hole are symmetrical design, very elegant.



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