Danniella Westbrook was arrested on an outstanding warrant the police had for an alleged driving offense. The 44-year-old actress spent the night in a Spanish prison before appearing in court the next morning, reports The Sun. She is out on bail but has to appear in court again in October.

The actress was arrested while boarding a flight in Malaga airport back to the UK. After the night in prison, the actress took to Twitter with tales of her being robbed and heartbroken.

The report claims that the 44-year-old actress has been given bail but has to come back to Malaga in October to answer the charges. A source told The Sun Online: ‘Danniella was stopped by customs last night and then arrested. She was in shock and was really scared when she was led out of the airport in handcuffs.

‘Danniella hated every second of being in that cell alone – it was awful for her.

‘She’ll be coming back to the UK next week now and is holed up with her friends now who’re taking care of her, claims a Daily Mail report.

Danniella Westbrooks visit to the prison
Danniella Westbrooks visit to the prison

This is the second time Danniella has been arrested in two weeks after it was revealed that the actress had been questioned over claims she’d “intimidated a witness”. Before flying out of UK, Danniella posted a video telling her fans: “I’m off to Spain! Hope I don’t get arrested.”

We know how that went now. She’d only spent seven days soaking up the sun before she had the police leading her away in handcuffs.


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