Over 10 years and across 18 movies, Marvel has been busy building a universe, the events of which ultimately culminates into the grand happenings of their upcoming, two-part blockbusters, Avengers: Infinity War I and II.

So far, the trailer and every little teaser that has been dropped by the studios indicate mad titan Thanos’ villainy and the witch hunt that he has launched to gather the six infinity stones in Avengers 3. Originally known as soul gems in the Marvel Comics, the infinity stones hold unlimited power and once brought together in their designated infinity gauntlet, the totality can yield its wearer Godly control over the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

For the uninitiated, five of the six stones have been accounted for during the course of the previous installments – sitting in the Eye of Agamotto, the Time Stone is with Doctor Strange, Loki has swiped the Space Stone, the Power Stone is with the Nova Corps, Vision has the Mind Stone, and the Reality Stone is in The Collector’s possession.

An Avengers: infinity War art (BossLogic)
An Avengers: infinity War art (BossLogic)

Now the question remains, where, in the universe is the Soul Stone, the missing gem with an orange glow? At this point, any true MCU fan’s best bet would be the mysterious kingdom of T’Challa. “I have a feeling it’s in Wakanda, seeing that’s where the black order is heading,” says Internet’s favorite digital artist and illustrator, Kode Abdo, better known to his thousands plus Twitter followers as BossLogic.

A go-to name for his contemporary comic book movie lovers, especially when it comes to anything related to superhero movies, BossLogic, has weaved a parallel world of artwork that frequently features on his social media platforms. And hence, it came as no surprise, when the Melbourne-based artist too pointed towards Wakanda in regards to the search for the mysterious Soul Stone.

Indeed, since the release of the much-talked-about movie, The Black Panther, there has been an increasing speculation that the missing stone might be hidden in Wakanda, in plain sight. Afterall, the fictional African nation hitherto unknown to the rest of the world also happens to have great reserves of vibranium, an imaginary metal that fuels Wakandan life and can harness mighty powers.

Popular theory is the Soul Stone might be in Wakanda (Marvel)
Popular theory is the Soul Stone might be in Wakanda (Marvel)

Considering that, the abundance of vibranium in Wakanda was kept hidden from the eyes on Earth, that is until King T’Challa went global with it; there are possibilities that the mighty force of Wakanda is keeping another secret. Especially since the technologically-advanced nation have been wary of exposing their vibranium reserves to the world, lest it falls into the wrong hands.

In case our theory about the whereabouts of Soul Stone turns out to be wrong, our second best guess would be to look into Heimdall. The all-seeing and all-hearing Asgardian, who is aware of every soul and thing in the nine realms, surely must know where a mystery gem is being kept. Another reason, Heimdall is linked to the stone is because of his orange eyes, the supposed color of the Soul Stone.

On the contrary, BossLogic has a third theory about the infinity stone – “It’s an actual soul, so one must die to achieve it,” but in his own words, “that’s a long shot.”

Regardless, the quest for the infinity stones – that ultimately completes Thanos’ infinity gauntlet, which is his means to achieve world-domination – would certainly be the highlight of the upcoming Avengers movie. And director duo Joe and Anthony Russo have, so far, successfully worked their way towards establishing the purple-skinned alien as a formidable foe and threat to the Earth-bound Avengers.

“I’m actually rooting for Thanos and the black order, hoping this movie is one of a kind, ending on a negative note for the heroes,” says the comic book movie aficionado. “I feel like [Avengers: Infinity War] will make us leave the theater with a heavy heart and hunger to see the next.”

The artist-cum-commentator also believes that the bosses at the MCU had been leading up to this two-part Avengers saga, unlike their DC counterpart, who seem to have rushed things a bit with their ensemble movie, Justice League.

“I feel it’s not really a crossover,” BossLogic tells us about the next big Marvel release adding that it’s hardly “ambitious” for MCU. “Even Justice League wasn’t ambitious, I just think it was too early. Personally, I would have liked the movies for each character first, established the characters, then come in with a bang that is JL.”

And the comparison is not just limited to the respective comic book universes but extends to the characterization as well, especially the portrayal of villainy in MCU versus DCEU.

Avengers in 'The Last Shawarma' scene (BossLogic)
Avengers in ‘The Last Shawarma’ scene (BossLogic)

“Thanos is on a whole other level compared to [Steppenwolf] especially with all the infinity stones, he literally can wipe out the existence with a snap of fingers,” the artist argues before explaining in favor of the DC antagonist. “Steppenwolf was not handled right,” he says, “as soon as Superman came in, [Steppenwolf] appeared nothing compared to what he was in the beginning.”

Like most superhero movie fans, however, BossLogic agrees, “at the moment, Marvel is doing some great work, because their formula is working all the movies (well most) just click.”

While the Marvel vs DC rivalry continues to fuel a passion for true followers of the pop culture, all eyes, at least in the next few weeks, will be on the biggest release of the season – Infinity War I that releases on April 27. Meanwhile, as per BossLogic’s predictions, along with the several spoilers dropped so far, chances are one of your favorite characters might be written off, if not multiple, by the end of the upcoming installments.

So naturally, we were curious about the speculations, something that might not be for the weak-hearted. “I feel the logical one would be Tony Stark [Iron Man], he has done all he can to get the Avengers here, he has been a father figure to Peter [Spider-Man], but I have a feeling the direct mains won’t die, not until part 4.”

Avengers: Infinity War poster (Marvel)
Avengers: Infinity War poster (Marvel)


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