Olivia Wilde says that she is not forcing either of her two children Daisy Josephine, 18 months, and Otis Alexander, 4 into anything. She shared how fascinating she finds that children have no judgment about gender-specific activities and hopes to keep it this way for as long as she can.

Olivia Wilde and fiance Jason Sudeikis(Source: Getty Images)
Olivia Wilde and fiance Jason Sudeikis(Source: Getty Images)

As reported by PEOPLE, Wilde shared, “[Otis] loves Moana, obviously, and when he thinks about Moana, he thinks of himself as Moana. I love hearing him sing … it’s the best when you can watch them singing in the backseat of your car, and he’s just like, ‘I wish I could be the perfect daughter!’ And he’s just belting it out.”

“That’s so great because at a certain age he’s going to be like, ‘Well, I can’t, that’s … ‘ you know, and he still doesn’t judge things like pink, or dance or gymnastics. These aren’t things that are gender-specific yet. I don’t know why at a certain point we tell them that’s for boys and that’s for girls, but I’m going to do my best to not force that delineation,” she continued.

Wilde says her daughter also lacks the self-awareness and she would like it to remain so. “Daisy is a total hambone, she will do anything for a laugh. She’s totally un-self-conscious and I find that so beautiful. They’re just the funniest people. They become your best friends. And that’s something that I don’t know if I knew.”

“I knew I’d love them so much, but you genuinely just love hanging out with them, and you love their observations and you love learning about them as opposed to just telling them, ‘Okay, now say these words, and read these books and think these things,’ because they come up with far more original ideas than we ever could,” she added.

Evidently, Wilde would want her children to remain innocent and free for as long as they can!


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